Exit Splash – A Complete Review

Exit Splash is a Dave Guindon’s product designed for increasing earnings from your websites. Let me share my honest opinions about Exit Splash Script with you. Read the review completely to understand what Exit Splash can and cannot do for you and then decide if it is the right product for your website.

Exit Splash

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Exit Splash – What is it?

Exit splash is a small script which stops visitors who are leaving your site, and encourages them to take some action that you specify. You can decide from which door your visitors should exit. Whether you want them to sign up for your newsletter or give them a discount on a product or just want to ask for their opinion before they leave, you can use the exit splash script to do that.

Do Scripts Like Exit Splash Actually Help Conversions?

Research and many experiments have shown time and again that using a pop-up like exit splash, especially on exit significantly increases sign-up rates – thus allowing you to build an on-going relationship with your visitor. Now while it is controversial and most people think popups are annoying, it has been scientifically proven and tested that a large number of them are willing to take action.

With the exit splash script, you have endless options to decide as to what you want your visitors to do when they are leaving your site. You can also stack exit popup windows and increase your chances of income generation and some marketers sure do take this to an extreme level and it does get really annoying especially after the first 1 or 2 clicks.

Many people feel that exit splash scripts are highly annoying and I totally understand where they are coming from. Few marketers don’t use exit splash scripts smartly. Even though there is no limit of how many popups you can use, you should not be using 9-10 popups. Thats absurd and stupid and gives scripts like exit splash a bad name – and will only annoy your visitor.

You should realize when to stop. Just the other day I visited a site which kept on showing one exit popup after another and they were way too many of them. When I encounter such sites I strongly think they should come up with a code which will have limit on number of popups to be used with one site.

What You Can Do With Scripts Like Exit Splash

You can try some of the following ideas yourself with the Exit Splash script and see which one converts best for you:

  • Send them to a lead capture page so you can follow-up easily
  • Offer a discount on the spot to entice them to buy now
  • Ask for a review or reason why they did not buy today?
  • Get their opinion via an interesting poll
  • Send them to another related website
  • Direct them to the offer page seamlessly
  • Change your offer to low cost trial so they can try before they buy

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Basically you want more leads, customers and sales, don’t you?

Now while evaluating this script do keep in mind that while it is very beneficial to over 97% of marketers there will be a small percentage who will not know how to make a profit from this powerful tool.

You Could Get Started in Minutes

Exit Splash is very easy to use. All you need to do is

  • Copy the Exit Splash script on your server
  • Create your exit offer page
  • Insert the code that the Exit Splash generator gives you into your sales page
  • Activate your Exit Splash script

And your Exit Pop Up is live! You can even add audios and images for better impact.

The Package

At the time of this writing, the following was included in the package

  • The main Exit Splash Web script

and the following bonuses

  • Viral Twitter Box Generator
  • Suggest Box Generator web script
  • Optional “Monetization Top Bar”

Plus following additional impact bonuses

  • Exit Splash Page Templates
  • Exit Splash Optin Form Video
  • Exit Splash Discount Payment Button Video
  • Bonus Impact Graphics Package
  • Web Traffic Secrets Video Series with Master Resale Rights
  • How to poll Video
  • Audio Impact to be used with Exit Splash
  • HTML for Beginners Video Series With Basic Resale Rights

I am not going to explain all these tools since you can read more about them by clicking here


In the world of Internet Marketing, where it is so hard to get customers (or traffic in other words) to your website Exit Scripts make smart move of selling to the visitors who are already visiting your site. Exit scripts have proven to be attention grabbers and no one can ignore them. I really liked the ease of setting it up Exit Splash and detailed instructions on how to do it. I also loved the extra bonuses which came with the product. They helped to add value to few of my sites which in turn started to make more income for me. Exit Splash is a very useful product and one of the strongest contenders in the exit web scripts, which can generate lots of income earning potential if used moderately and smartly.

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